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Our Mission

Jumping out of perfectly good airplanes is only the icing on the cake for us. Our team's highest purpose is giving back to our communities. We pour ourselves into public and community service, recognizing the life experiences of our collective instructor cadre are too valuable to keep to ourselves.

Achieving a team culture of trust, open communications, and shared success does not happen without hard work. We have been through the trials, tribulations, and losses. Our passion is to share these lessons with you, your teams, and your families. We will help you adapt our lessons to your team's culture to accelerate your path to success...TOGETHER.

Our team


Nicole Condrey

Life is one big challenge, waiting for us to conquer it. While some of us wrongly wish we could summit the mountain of life alone, the reality is that not only are we able to achieve goals more readily with teammates, but the journey and destination are so much sweeter when shared. Only when we recognize our own limitations, learn to leverage our teammates' strengths, and synchronize our efforts can we unlock the key to achieving our individual and shared goals. I look forward to helping YOU reach the peaks of life onto which you set your sights.


  • University of Notre Dame

    • Bachelor of Science - Electrical Engineering

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John Hart II

Team Fastrax Professional Skydiver

U.S. Parachute Team

Chairman, Chief Visionary Officer

Owner of Start Skydiving

Co-founder of Blue Skies for the Good Guys and Gals Warrior Foundation non-profit

U.S. Army Ranger, ret.

John will be sharing a few thoughts with us soon!


  • University of Cincinnati

    • Bachelor of Science - Marketing

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Kevin Dubas

Team Fastrax Professional Skydiver

International Sales Manager at Teledyne Tekmar

I’ve been blessed to have experienced so many amazing  things in my life and I love working with teams and individuals who want to reach that next level. Let me help you better understand yourself and others so that you can improve your relationships and achieve your goals. Life should be an adventure!  Are you doing all you can to reach your full potential?

Military experience

  • Eight years in the U.S. Navy as a Certified Nuclear Reactor Operator

  • Two active patrols on board the U.S.S. Alexander Hamilton (SSBN-617) Ballistic Missile Submarine

  • Navy Achievement Medal for supervising radioactive resin discharge evolutions 

professional experience

  • International Sales Manager (over 50 countries)

In the Media:

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